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Technical Questions

 What format should artwork be submitted in?

Adobe Illustrator 8, Freehand 9, or Corel Draw X3 and lower is preferred.
If you do not have access to these programs, please email a .jpeg or bring us a drawing/picture of your design.

Can artwork be submitted on a disk or via email?

Yes, as long as the disk is MAC formatted, and the file is an acceptable type. You are also welcome to email your artwork to w@biginktees.com.

What computer programs do you use?

Freehand 8 and 9, Adobe Photoshop 5.5, Adobe Illustrator 8.0, and
Corel Draw X3.

How big can an image be printed?

The maximum imprint area on adult size shirts is 14" wide x 14" high. Left/Right chest prints are usually 3.5" wide.

Can customers supply their own screens?


Do customers own their screens?

No. Screens are reclaimed after the design is printed.